Garage doors are a great way to provide your home, office, shed, or warehouse with security and protection from the elements. Poor quality products and substandard installation can require costly repairs in the future and potentially lead to dangerous situations such as:

causing personal injury, damaging the property, or leaving your residence improperly secured. We have a fantastic reputation for quality garage doors in Edmonton because of our high standards, and professionally trained and dedicated staff. With us you know you are getting top quality products and service. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader and provide the highest quality service to our customers without the premium price.

Premium Door Service Offers:

      Free, no pressure quotes

      Experienced technicians

      Same day service

      Fast, skilled, reliable labor

      Competitive pricing

Installation Process:

Personalized on-site quote

Our skilled technicians personally evaluate your unique door needs and assist you in deciding on the most appropriate option for your budget and style requirements. This is a complementary part of our service package that comes at no cost to the customer.

Door measurements

Experienced technicians accurately measure the specific lengths and dimensions of your garage door opening. Most importantly, the headroom measurement (between the top of the door opening and the ceiling). The headroom measurement is crucial for proper install so that the garage door does not come into contact with the ceiling when it is being opened. Our company proudly specializes in maximizing space in your garage. We skillfully manage standard lift, high lift, vertical lift, and low headroom. We also install rear mounted springs for select lift types.

Door Selection/ordering

A wide selection of styles, colours, and brands will be available to you upon ordering your new door. Door features such as windows, durability, sound suppression, and break-in prevention vary between models and can be offered at select prices. The benefits of door replacement can be 18% savings in heating costs, and up to 4% increased property value.


Professional installers will arrive and install your skillfully crafted, carefully selected masterpiece with efficiency while exceeding manufactures standards

Most standard door installs are completed within a 24 period from time of order placement.